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Plumbing Service

Fast and Reliable Same Day Plumbing Services

Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection is available for all of your residential and commercial plumbing service needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the greater Madison area. We have enough service trucks on the road and licensed plumbers in the field to be the company you call in any situation and from anywhere within one of the largest service areas in Southern Wisconsin. Whether you need a repair to your plumbing system or new fixture installation services, our friendly, professionally licensed plumbers are at your service. Our estimators will work to accommodate your scheduling needs and provide you with accurate and reliable quotes. Our project managers and service technicians will guide you through each step of service to ensure that your needs and expectations are met, whether it’s an installation, repair or routine maintenance.

We have the equipment and experience needed to regain normal operations quickly and efficiently, no matter what plumbing service issue you might encounter. Our 24/7-365 Emergency Service delivers licensed plumbers to your home or business whenever necessary. Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection is a natural and capable partner for your home or facility’s unexpected repairs and routine plumbing maintenance.

We even offer comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, including video inspection, to ensure that all plumbing lines are clear of debris and maintaining optimal working capacity.


Residential Plumbing Service

Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection provides residential plumbing service in Dane County and surrounding communities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection is your capable partner for unexpected repairs and routine plumbing maintenance. Our project managers and service technicians focus on clear communication to keep you up to speed on any project in your house. Our estimators work to accommodate your scheduling needs and provide accurate and reliable quotes.

Our licensed plumbers are equipped, experienced and ready to get your home back to normal operations quickly.

“I am very impressed and thankful for the wonderful work they did for us! The reps were very fast, knowledgeable, friendly, professional and honest. Thank you so much for helping us when we needed you! I highly recommend this company!” – Leana D. Google Review

Residential Services We Offer:

  • Emergency 24/7/365 Service
  • Water Heaters
    • Repair/Replace/Annual Cleaning
  • Water Softeners
    • Repair/Replace/Water Testing
  • Sewer & Drain
    • Video Sewer Inspections/Locate Services
    • Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet, Shower, Tub, Floor and Outdoor Drain Cleaning
    • Water Jetting
    • Sewer Lines
  • Kitchen Plumbing
    • Garbage Disposals, Sinks/Faucets, Drain Repair/Re-pipe
    • Run Water Lines to Appliances (Dishwasher/Refrigerator/Ice Maker/Coffee Machine, etc.)
    • Dish Washer Installation
  • Bathroom Plumbing
    • Sinks, Faucets, Toilets, Showers and Bathtubs (Install/Repair)
    • Drain Repair/Waste & Overflow/Leaks
  • Sump Pumps
    • Battery Back-Ups/Alarms
    • Check Valves/Back Water Valves
    • Water Evacuation/Water Pumping
  • Outside Hose Faucets/Hydrants/Spiggots
  • Gas Pipe Leak Detection & Repair/Gas Piping/Cap Off Gas Lines
  • Underground Utilities
  • Vac Truck
  • Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration
  • Seasonal Maintenance/Preventative Maintenance
  • Winterization/Pipe Thawing & De-Winterization
  • Cross Connection/Backflow/RP Installation/Testing/Replacement
    • Registration/Certification
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Water Heaters

Installation, Replacement, Repair & Maintenance

Hot water is a crucial element in the day to day function of your home. Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection keeps quality water heaters in stock to deliver same day replacements. It is important to fit the right water heater to the needs of each individual home. Our expert estimators are ready to provide information and cost analysis on gas, electric, hybrid and tankless water heaters to help you make an informed choice.


Water Heater Services

  • Water Heater Repair & Service
  • Water Heater Maintenance
  • Water Heater Installation

A common issue impacting the available hot water in homes is the size of the water heater is not sufficient for the demands. Large bathtubs, high capacity washers and family size require a larger size tank to be able to deliver hot water throughout the house. Another solution is a tankless system. Tankless Water Heaters provide additional energy saving benefits as they provide up to .97 UEF/.99UF.

Common Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Replacement

  • Leaks or Puddles: Leaking is one of the most obvious signs that your water heater needs attention.
  • Hot Water Duration: If the supply of hot water is no longer meeting your needs.
  • Noises: Water heaters should run quietly. Compared to other models, a Power Vented Unit may emit some noise when they start up, but it should not be bothersome.
  • Varied Water Temperature: If you notice an ongoing change during water usage.
  • Bad Odor or Rust Colored Water: Salt and calcium build up inside can cause discoloration of your water over time.
  • Water Heater Life Expectancy: Most traditional water heaters last anywhere from 5 to 15 years.

We’ve got you covered with a variety of name brand water heaters in stock ranging from standard gas and electric water heaters to eco-friendly tankless heaters.

 Some of our most popular brands are:

A.O. Smith
Bradford White

Routine maintenance adds longevity to the life of your water heater. Contact our helpful service team at 608.216.9034 to discuss a suggested service schedule.

“There was no hot water this morning, so Matt and Seth came out and were able to install a hot water heater the same day. Impressive! They provided very friendly and competent service. We have used this company for plumbing services for years and will continue to do so.” Anita A. Google Review

Water Softeners

Installation, Replacement, Repair & Maintenance

A quality and well maintained water softener can improve the longevity of your water heater, plumbing fixtures, washing machine and dishwasher by preventing limescale buildup due to hard water. The buildup of limescale or other mineral based deposits can block drains or pipes, damage pumps in appliances, and wear out faucets and surfaces like that of your sinks, showers and tubs. The purpose of a water softener is to remove trace minerals from the water in your home. Softened water is better on appliances, less drying on the skin, and helps soaps do their job on your dishes and laundry.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, it is time to have your water softener serviced or replaced:

  • Water spots on dishes
  • Calcium buildup on your appliances
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Discolored water
  • Scratchy clothes
  • Dry skin

Our licensed Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection technicians are fully equipped to deploy the necessary remedy to your hard water issues. A water test will determine whether or not your water softener is functioning properly. The available solutions for your water softener include: reset, cleaning, repair and replacement. Our technicians are ready to service all brands of water softeners and our company is proud to carry Capital and Hellenbrand Water Softeners.

“The folks at Monona Plumbing are responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. They have helped replace a toilet and a water softener for us and both experiences were problem free. We really appreciated their professionalism. Highly recommended!” Deb L. Google Review

Sewer & Drain

Uncovering the true cause of issues with your sewer and drain systems is critical. The licensed plumbers at Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection use video camera inspections to quickly identify those causes. Residential homeowners should never be tempted to cut corners and tackle any major sewer clog themselves. Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection offers a full suite of solutions to solve your sewer and drain issues.  Our plumbers provide residential services, addressing clogged kitchen, bathroom and outdoor drains, as well as clogged sewer lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sewer Line | Frequent issues that cause clogs

  • Stuck Objects –Grease, paper products and other objects are flushed down the toilet or rinsed in the sink and clog the line.
  • Landscaping Blockages – Roots from trees and shrubs, drawn by the water from sewer line seams, can bore through pipes.
  • Broken or Collapsed Drain Pipes – Aging pipe, tree root pressure, and misaligned pipes are the most common causes of collapsed lines.
  • Clogged Downspout Drains – Frequent rains push things like leaves, branches and debris from roofs clogging gutter drains.

Sewer & Drain | Services

  • Cleaning, Diagnosis & Repair
  • Video Camera Inspection
  • Water Jetting
  • High Pressure Hydro Jetting
  • Underground Utilities/Underground Leak Detection

Sewer Camera Inspections

One of the most valuable tools in our plumbing belt is our water proof cameras that allow our technicians to conduct a visual inspection of your underground lines. One of our professionally trained technicians inserts a rod with a high-resolution camera on the tip into your sewer lines. These rods are flexible allowing them to travel through curves and turns of your sewer system. This allows us to carefully examine your pipes measuring 2” to 36” in diameter. This inspection video is in real-time, allowing our technicians to assess your sewer and drain lines immediately. Issues can be shown on the monitor, and footage will be saved for subsequent reference.

Sewer Lines | Repair, Replacement and Cleaning Services

Not only do we unclog drains, our trained technicians can offer a full range of sewer services including mainline sewer repair, replacement and cleaning along with troubleshooting sewer plumbing problems like broken pipes, sewer blockages, and corrosion of pipes.

Kitchen Clogs

Greases, soaps, fats and detergents can build up inside pipes over time making your kitchen drain run slow. If you find yourself facing a clogged kitchen drain, don’t hesitate to call. Our trained technicians will push through the clog, remove the debris, and restore your clogged kitchen sink to full functionality. Avoid costly mistakes caused by improper repairs. Accurate diagnosis and treatment of the clog is what we do best, and we have the reputation to back it up.

Bathroom Clogs

Your first clue that you\’re facing a clogged drain is the sink, tub or shower is draining more slowly than usual. Soap scum, hair, small objects such as a shampoo cap, and other substances can build up over time and contribute to clogged bathroom drains. Leave the chemical drain cleaners on the store shelves and call us for a professional technician to come and un-block your drains. Our water jetting service is a great alternative to harsh chemicals.

“Todd Vesely stopped by to unplug a very clogged sink. He was thorough and wanted to be sure he had cleared everything out. He also had suggestions for helping to prevent future blockage. He was also polite, respectful and somewhat of a stand-up comic. Today whether in business or in personal exchanges with businesses you do not always receive the customer service you would expect. So it is all the more refreshing and appreciated when someone demonstrates best practice & does so with pride & efficiency. Thank you, Todd!” Sharyl K. Google Review

Water Jetting

A Water Jetter is an industrial tool capable of cutting through a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure stream of water. Our water jetting service is a safer alternative to the caustic fumes produced by liquid drain cleaners. Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection has multiple jetters for every situation. These jetters allow our experienced technicians to jet roof drains, drain tiles, trenches and all other drains.

Available jetters include:

  • Trailer Jetter
  • Truck Jetter
  • Vac Truck with Jetter
  • Portable Jetter Reel
  • ¼” Electric Jetter

When jetting isn’t the solution to your drain and sewer backups, we are equipped to take further action with an immediate repair which provides our customers with the full service and prompt resolutions they expect.

Garbage Disposal

Installation, Replacement & Repair

In today’s kitchen, a garbage disposal is considered the norm, and the ones without feel as though they are missing something important. Disposals to keep your sink free and clean from things like food and waste items. After grinding, water in the sink should and will flow free and drain normally. Adding a disposal involves adjusting the piping under the sink. If you’re looking to put a disposal in, give us a call and we will provide a free estimate.

Garbage Disposal | Care Tips

Most importantly – a garbage disposal is not a trash can!

  • Do not shred rice, noodles, or any other foods that can expand before cooking
  • Never ever throw metals, plastics, or bones into the disposal
  • Do not overload, feed pieces into the disposal slowly
  • Run cold water before, during and after using the disposal
  • Clean the disposal by running water through the unit with soapy water, or try grinding small peels of citrus fruits; the acid cleans and also smells great!

Sump Pump

Installation, Replacement & Repair

Trouble Shooting
If you smell must, mold or mildew, have a stuck float switch, hear loud noises or the pump is not running, your sump pump may need immediate service. It is vital to address the situation immediately to avoid severe water damage.

Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection prides itself on providing proactive solutions for the home. When it comes to keeping your home dry and water running in the right direction, Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection offers sump pumps, check valves, battery back-ups and experienced installation to keep the flow away from the property. The best way to avoid an emergency is to plan for one. If you want to upgrade your plumbing system with an efficient and affordable sump pump, we can help.

Many people don\’t ever think of sump pump maintenance — until they are standing in their flooded basement after a heavy rainfall. Sump pumps are an important preventative measure to avoid basement flooding, so regular service and maintenance are critical. Get ahead of it and ensure your sump pump is in good working order to prevent costly water damage. Have a broken sump pump? If you want to avoid a flooded basement, make sure to call us as you notice that your sump pump is not working correctly. Our professionally licensed plumbers will quickly diagnose and properly solve the issue the first time.

Sump Pump | Benefits

  • Inhibits fungus, molds and mildew concerns, resulting in a cleaner and healthier home.
  • Controls humidity, providing a warmer, drier basement.
  • Avoids damaged wall coverings, furniture, and peeling paint.
  • Hinders rust and corrosion of metal appliances, furnishings, and structures.
  • Ensures the structural integrity of foundation.
  • Maximizes property value.
“Monona Plumbing put in a battery backup sump pump and new PVC outlet pipe. Work was done well and in a timely manner. Price was competitive with other plumbing companies.” – Charles C. Google Review

Fast and Reliable Same Day Plumbing Services

Keeping Your Systems Flowing

Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection is available for all of your plumbing service needs, 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year in the greater Madison area. Our licensed plumbers will work to accommodate your scheduling needs and provide you with accurate and reliable quotes. Our service technicians and project managers will guide you through each step of service to ensure that the needs and expectations for your facility are met, whether it’s a repair or routine maintenance.

As designers and installers of complete plumbing systems, we have the equipment and experience needed to regain normal facility operations quickly and efficiently, no matter what plumbing service issue you might encounter. We even offer comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, including video inspection, to ensure that all plumbing lines are clear of debris and maintaining optimal working capacity.


Commercial Plumbing Services

  • Drain Cleaning, Repair, & Jetting
  • Video Sewer System Inspections
  • Water Testing
  • Underground Repairs/Installation
  • Seasonal Maintenance
  • Sump Pumps/Lift Stations
  • Fixtures: Sinks, Faucets, Toilets, etc.
  • Grease Traps
  • Water Heaters
  • Water Softeners
  • Gas & Air Piping
  • Water Supply Piping
  • Winterization & Pipe Thawing
  • Water Evacuation | Water Pumping
  • Backflow Testing, Repair, & Certification
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • New Construction, Remodel, & Tenant Build-Outs
  • Process Equipment Installation
  • Underground Process & Utility Piping
  • Pump Installation
  • Interior Process Piping & Plumbing
  • Chemical Systems
  • Garbage Disposals

Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection Offers Free Estimates on all Commercial Plumbing Services


Experience the difference relying on one partner for all your service needs. Our commercial business clients benefit from over 40 years of extensive knowledge in the design, installation and service needs of complex facility systems. Partner with Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection and our skilled, experienced technicians will deliver high quality, comprehensive services for all of your plumbing, fire protection, and site utility needs.

Our Preferred Customer Program is designed to provide additional value to our loyal business partners. Program eligibility is based on service history and bundled services.

  • 5% discount on parts and labor
  • Complimentary on-site estimates during regular business hours
  • Priority service and designated service technicians


  • Save you money by addressing small issues before an emergency service call is required
  • Keep your systems operating at optimal performance with routine inspections
  • Provide you peace of mind and free you up to focus on more ways to increase productivity in your business
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A robust inventory of light and heavy equipment, service vehicles, and specialized equipment means Monona Plumbing & Fire Protection has the ability to control expenses and be highly responsive to unforeseen scheduling challenges. Our fleet consists of over 130 units:

  • More Than 25 Rapid-Response Service Vehicles
  • Haul | Lift Trucks
  • Dozers
  • Loaders
  • High Powered Jetters
  • Excavators
  • Skid Steers
  • Backhoes
  • Vac Truck & Trailer


With an experience modification factor average of 0.69 over the past five years, we are proud of our team for always putting safety first. A few samples of specialized training our team has received:

  • OSHA 10/30 Hour Certifications
  • Trenching and Excavation Safety
  • Fall Protection Systems/Perimeters
  • Electrical Safety in Construction
  • Supervisory Jobsite Responsibility
  • Handling an OSHA Inspection
  • Air Quality Hazards in Construction
  • Confined Space Training
  • HazComm/Chemical Safety
  • Crisis Management


Our project teams consist of highly trained individuals skilled in project scheduling, pre-job planning, design engineering, and construction best practices. We believe the right people make all the difference. Each of our 150+ employees provides a unique role in enhancing our services and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Many of our team members are licensed or certified in the following areas: 

  • Master Plumbers
  • Medical Gas Certified Installers
  • NICET Certified Staff
  • Licensed Plumbers
  • Designers of Engineered Systems
  • Autodesk® Revit Certified Users
  • Licensed Sprinkler Fitters
  • Licensed Fire & Sprinkler System Testers

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