Plumbing Projects

Featured Plumbing Project

Camp Randall Student Athletic Performance Center

Scope: Plumbing, Fire Protection, Site Utilities

Category: Retrofit

Description: Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection was recognized in the “Specialty Contractor- Plumbing” category for our work on the Camp Randall Student Athletic Performance Center with the AGC 2013 Build Wisconsin Award. This first phase of the renovation project to Camp Randall led to the completion of the private tunnel that connects the stadium field to the locker rooms, training facilities and offices. As an integral partner on this project Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection was responsible for the site utilities within the tunnel as well as the plumbing and fire protection on the north end zone remodel. The project was on a tight time table to get things ready for the fall football season and home games. – Camp Randall is the oldest stadium in the Big Ten Conference, and was ready for some much needed upgrades to their current facilities. Camp Randall was originally opened as a fully functioning stadium in 1917 and has since undergone several expansions and renovation projects since that time and today seats over 80,000 fans.

Plumbing Project Gallery


Epic Farm Campus

Scope: Plumbing
Category: New Construction
Description: Winner of the 2013 Daily Reporter Top Projects Award for Best in Show, Epic Farm Campus is a 3 office building project comprised of 960 total offices, an underground parking garage, and a cafe – all themed after traditional Wisconsin farms.

Epic King’s Cross

Epic King’s Cross

Scope: Plumbing
Category: New Construction
Description:  Inspired by London’s King’s Cross Railway Station, this Epic Campus building totals over 100,000 square feet and includes food service and kitchen setups.


Lakeshore Dorm | LEED – GREEN PROJECT

Scope: Plumbing
Category: New Construction
Description: Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection accepted the 2014 Build Wisconsin Award for our part in the construction of the Lakeshore Dorm – Leopold Hall. This LEED Gold-level certified project is an example of innovation and partnership for all involved. In addition to the plumbing work, the project also included the installation of rooftop solar panels to support the hot water heating system as well as water consumption monitors throughout the building. Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection’s suggestion to prefabricate the solar panel assembly prior to installation saved valuable time and greatly improved safety on the jobsite.


Saint Gobain

Scope: Plumbing, Fire Protection
Category: New Construction, Additions
Description: Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection handled both Fire Protection and Plumbing system work at the Saint-Gobain Portage plant expansion. We completed a complete sprinkler system installation for the warehouse, consisting of over 700 sprinkler heads. Installation of a complete underground sanitary system, storm & clear water system, and fixtures throughout the site were handled by our Plumbing team.


Tower Rock Elementary

Scope: Site Utilities, Fire Protection, Plumbing
Category: New Construction, Education
Description: Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection performed Site Utilities, Fire Protection, and Plumbing work on this new addition to an existing school. Due to the rural location of the school, adequate water supply was not available. Two water tanks were added underground to supply a vertical turban pump to provide water to the system.


Wisconsin Brewing Company

Scope: Fire Protection, Plumbing
Category: New Construction, Specialty Piping
Description: Wisconsin Brewing Company is one of Wisconsin’s newest breweries and has the capacity to make up to 100,000 barrels per year. The taproom can hold several hundred visitors at a time and includes large windows where visitors can see into the brew room at all times. Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection handled both Fire Protection and Plumbing on this large project. This 20,000 sq ft facility opened to the public in Fall of 2013.


Prairie Elementary – Waunakee

Scope: Plumbing
Category: New Construction, Additions
Description: Prairie Elementary School underwent a 12,000 sq ft addition along with interior remodeling in the existing school facility. Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection completed the Plumbing work for this project.


Dane County Garage

Scope: Plumbing
Category: New Construction
Description: The new Dane County Highway Garage facility replaced two existing facilities in the eastern part of the county and is now the central facility for Dane County’s fleet of snowplow trucks. Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection provided the plumbing work for the over 80,000 sq ft building


Nichols Station

Scope: Fire Protection, Plumbing
Category: Retrofit
Description: Nichols Station is a designated Historical Landmark in Madison, WI. Built in 1917, it played an important part in the advancement of water works technology in Wisconsin’s capital city, pumping 8 million gallons of water a day to the city. In 2015, the historical building underwent a comprehensive renovation project that transformed all 34 apartment units within the building, all while keeping the historic features of the building preserved. Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection handled the Fire Protection and Plumbing needs for this extensive renovation.


Center for Resilient Cities | LEED – GREEN PROJECT

Scope: Plumbing, Site Utilities
Category: New Construction, LEED/Green
Description: The Center for Resilient Cities project transformed an abandoned four-acre site on the South side of Madison into an innovative campus – including a charter school, neighborhood center, commercial kitchen, gardens, research facilities, and more. The facilities were all designed according to LEED-Platinum certification requirements. Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection performed Site Utilities and Plumbing work for this project.


Madison Ice Arena

Scope: Plumbing
Category: Retrofit
Description: Madison Ice Arena has been undergoing some major renovations and Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection was proud to be a part of that. Plumbing work was completed for their remodeled ADA-compliant restrooms with all new plumbing fixtures and also new shower stalls in their remodeled locker rooms.

Featured Mechanical Project

Fond Du Lac Radium Removal Project

Scope: Mechanical

Category: Municipalities

Description: Radium removal facilities including filter equipment, well pumps, pumping equipment, site process piping and chemical systems.

Mechanical Project Gallery


Madison Unit Well 30

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: Reservoir, booster pumps, piping, and chemical feed systems.


Janesville Pump Station 15

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: Installation of booster pumps, piping, site piping, and chemical feed systems in the new facility


Madison Unit Well 7

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: Water treatment facility including ATEC filter equipment, reservoir, booster pumps, well pump, site process piping, and chemical feed systems


Greenville Well No. 3

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: New iron filtration facility and well pump modifications


Verona Well No. 5

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: 500 gallon reservoir, booster pumps, well pump, piping and chemical feed systems


MMSD Pumping Station 18

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: New wastewater pumping station including centrifugal pumps, screening equipment, valves, gates, and process piping


Evansville WWTF

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: Wastewater treatment improvements project with new headworks facility, service building, vertical loop reactor, lift station, blower equipment, pumps and process piping


Algoma Well No.3 Facility

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: New well facility, administration and garage building including filter equipment, well pumping equipment, and chemical feed systems


Elkhorn Lakeland Water Treatment

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: Water treatment facility including filter equipment, aerator, booster pumps, brine system and chemical feed systems


Fort Atkinson Booster Station

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: The project included booster pump equipment, piping, and chemical feed systems


Stevens Point Well 11

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: Water treatment facility including well pumping equipment, vertical turbine booster pumps, gravity filters, aerator, process piping and chemical feed systems


Janesville Pump Station 12

Scope: Mechanical
Category: Municipalities
Description: Water treatment facility including a 400 gallon reservoir, booster pumps, and chemical feed systems

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