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Prefabrication for Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems


Real Time. Real Savings.

Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection was one of the earliest adopters of prefabrication in Madison, WI.  Today, with a 9,700 sq. ft. dedicated facility, prefabrication has become an integral part of our building process for both plumbing and fire protection systems.  
Prefabrication benefits project outcomes in many ways. For starters, we realize a 20-40% cost savings on prefabricated assemblies. The reason behind these savings include: 
Scheduling Efficiencies - Production is accelerated due to immediate access to the right equipment in-house, better coordination of materials and a more stable work environment overall.
Preassembled products such as roof drains, wet walls and carriers can be installed simultaneously reducing jobsite labor and cutting installation from days to hours in many cases, making way for the masons and other laborers.
Customized Delivery – Delivery of complete assemblies on our custom designed rack systems has less impact on the jobsite in terms of space requirements and improves coordination with other trades, while offering greater flexibility in timing the delivery to the exact moment they are needed.
Risk Management – Holding assemblies until they are needed for installation reduces risk for damage on site and maintains quality until installation.

customized delivery
Commercial construction - prefabrication
Environmental Impact – Prefabrication allows us to reduce, reuse and recycle leading to cleaner, safer jobsites. And working in a controlled environment prevents variable factors such as weather and other trades from influencing safety, and ultimately, budgets.
Safety – Assembling in a controlled environment reduces the risks associated with jobsite safety for both ourselves and the other trades.
BIM Integration – Prefabrication allows us to benefit from technologies that improve collaboration and reduce installation time.

Common Prefabricated Applications

  • Water Mains
  • Washer Boxes
  • Hangers
  • Upper Rough Sanitary and Venting
  • Roof drains and Test Caps
  • Underground Piping
  • Shower Values
  • Fixtures
  • Carriers
  • Valve Assemblies
  • Lav Assemblies
  • Solar Panels
  • Fire Pumps

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